June is National Dairy Month!

Did you know June is National Dairy Month? Dairy is an important component of a well-rounded diet, as it provides health benefits like improved bone health!


Avocados | Applications & Benefits

Avocados have superior nutritional benefits along with a vast opportunity for culinary applications.

Summer Hydration Foods

Higher summer temperatures means increased amounts of sweat, which can also lead to an increased amount of dehydration. By choosing summer foods that are high in water content, you can keep your body hydrated and ready to perform at its best!

Seasonal Produce This Spring

Many of these fruits and vegetables you may be familiar with already and they may even be some of your favorites!


Many common edible and legal mushrooms have an extensive list of health benefits.


Quinoa is tiny, but a mighty powerhouse food! Pronounced KEEN-WAH, quinoa is a seed prepared and eaten like grain and one of the world’s most popular health foods today.

Road Trip Tips

Follow these tips for added health on your next trip!

Fueling Your Brain

Even I’m guilty of treating myself to pizza before pulling an all-nighter for a big exam. However, the food we put into our bodies to fuel our brains is just as important as the information we’re studying or day to day work.

Soft Pretzels

Although they are quite tasty, soft pretzels are generally nutritionally empty and high in calories. Just one serving of this delicious go-to-snack provides nearly a quarter of the recommended amount of sodium a person needs each day.

Essential Oils

Essential oil therapy, often referred to as aromatherapy, is the use of plants extracts during massage or baths. Oils are extracted from the seed, peel, bark, flower or stem and are concentrated and potent. For example, it takes 220 pounds of lavender flowers to make about 1 pound of lavender oil.

Produce Needs and Servings

Eating is personal, cultural, social, and often with a second predictor based on budget, skill, and availability. Coaching different types of people with dietary goals/needs helped me realize just how unique people are about food customs and beliefs that predict our foods selections.