Nourish to Flourish in 2019: Water & Carbs

Reach for foods and drinks that nourish, which may help you flourish and improve health, energy, stamina, and growth.

Cacao or Cocoa?

Cacao is being described as the new superfood because of its substantial amounts of minerals and antioxidants. Here are a few reasons why:

Holiday Treats

Here is a list of the most famous holiday treats that often are consumed during the holidays and some tips to help curb the holiday weight gain.

How to Pick the Best Nutrition Bar

A lot of people don’t realize that by simply choosing a nutrition bar, it could be jeopardizing your weight loss goals and overall health. A majority of bars are jam-packed with sugars, calories, and unnecessary additives.

The Ins and Outs of Keto

The biggest diet craze right now, is the Ketogenic (Keto) Diet. It consists of transitioning your body to use fat as your primary fuel source (which is also called ketosis), instead of using carbohydrates as the primary source. Putting your body through the state of ketosis, allows your body to start burning fat which then causes one to shred some pounds.

The History of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving meals have evolved and changed so much over the years that it’s interesting what has stayed the same.

Meatless Monday

By limiting the amount of meat that you consume, you may ultimately be lowering your fat intake. Animal products are known to be high sources of cholesterol, while plant sources have no cholesterol. By reducing your fat/cholesterol intake you may reduce the chances of suffering from obesity, type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Creeping Obesity

Creeping obesity is a term for the typical pattern of adults gaining small amounts of weight over long periods of time, leading to health problems later in life.

Why We Need Vitamin D

Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is produced by the body in response to the skin being exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is needed to absorb other vitamins such as calcium. It also helps promote mental, immune, and gut health. We obtain vitamin D2 from our food plus it’s naturally created in our bodies.

A Lighter Latte

Our favorite flavored coffee drinks from Starbucks or other local coffee shops are often loaded with extra calories and sugar. Here are a few easy tips to continue enjoying your favorite brew without the crazy calories!