Stick to the Basics! No Subscription Needed!

veggies.pngAre you subscribed out? So many helpful programs and health sites on the internet or in your neighborhood are available at a click of a button and a quick drive. I’ve noticed lately that many useful programs have subscriptions such as local car washes, mail deliveries for makeup, jewelry, coffee, food and even shaving supplies. I absolutely understand the benefit for frequent users and for the invested business owners.

However, you don’t have to ‘Subscribe’ to improve your healthy lifestyle. You simply need to commitment to eat better and increase exercise. Hopefully these are things you are already thinking about. Basics to abide by are: choosing better cooking options, eat less processed foods, eat more fruits and vegetable, control portion sizes and re-think your drinks. Follow these tips to a better you!

Avoid Fried Foods:

Choosing healthy cooking options at home or on the go will help you reduce fat intake. For lower fat options choose:

  • Grilled, Baked, Roasted
  • Stewed or Sautéed
  • Stir Fried in water
  • Remove skin on proteins before cooking

Try seasoning proteins and other dishes with aromatic herbs and veggies, this could easily reduce fat and salt (sodium) content.  Vegetable sauté blends can be used across all cuisines.  Finding the right combination with these aromatics veggies such as carrots, celery, garlic, ginger and peppers takes some consideration.  Try experimenting with foods or visit this site for more information Trinities and Vegetable Sauté  or choose my favorite, Holy Trinity which is a trio of celery, onion and green bell pepper.

Pass on Processed Foods:

Making some of your own foods and sauces is a great way to control calories, fat, sugar and salt. Also, choose whole fruits and veggies when possible.

Make your own:

  • Baked corn or potato chips
  • Sauces and dressings

Increase Fruits and Vegetables:

Eat produce at every meal:

  • Make half your plate colorful vegetables
  • Use Fruits as Desserts
  • Grill fruit to add to salads and plates a new twist on meals
  • Salsas can be fun to make with diverse combinations of fruits and veggies.

Pay Attention to Portions: 

  • Pick smaller meals when eating out
  • Try a dining location without chips and dips before meals
  • Avoid second helpings

Re-think Your Drink: 

  • Choose low fat dairy
  • Pick unsweet tea that you sweeten yourself
  • Drink water throughout the day
  • Try green tea (non-sweet) for a low calorie energy boost

More Sites to Visit:

Add Flavor with Aromatics

50 Easy Delish Salsas

Healthy Chip Alternatives

Helping Hands Portion Control Chart

Dairy Max: Rethink Your Drink

Hospitality Dietitian Mindy Diller, MS, RDN, LD 


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