Nutrition Apps for Your Smartphone

iphonehandDo you have a smartphone? If so, keep reading! Telephones of all shapes and sizes have been around and constantly changing for years. Recently, technology has created apps for our smartphones. We use some apps for entertainment or to help pass the time, but there are other apps that we like to use every day and consider an important part of our lives. Our world may be a little app crazy but we are also a little food crazy too. Eating healthy and exercising is the key to living a healthy life, but some of us think this is not always the easiest or most fun thing to do.  I think nutrition and fitness shouldn’t be something that we fear! So I’m here to tell you about some of the most popular nutrition apps available for our smartphones that we can have at the palm of our hands.

loseitLose It!
For: Apple, Android
Price: Free
Weight loss has never been easier with this calorie tracking program. This app helps you set goals for weight loss, exercise, nutrition, blood pressure, sleep, and more. With Lose It!, you will take those extra pounds off.

outofmilkOut of Milk
For: Apple, Android
Price: Free
Simplify your grocery shopping with this shopping list app on your phone. This app keeps track of what’s in your kitchen and creates an organized grocery list. With Out of Milk, you will save both money and time at the store.

For: Apple
Price: Free
Check calories, carbs, and fat right at your fingertips. This app contains 260 fast food chains and restaurants and over 70,000 food items. With CalorieKing, you can quickly find healthier food options while eating out.

For: Apple, Android
Price: Free
Create delicious meals with this digital recipe box. This app includes personal options of meals, allergies, diet style and even disliked ingredients. With Yummly, you will love cooking, eating and sharing the foods you love to make.

For: Apple, Android
Price: Free
Have a personal trainer in your pocket to help keep you focused on your exercise goals. This app keeps track of training data for all levels of exercise. With JEFIT, you will be motivated to improve your training and live a healthier life.

findmegfFind Me Gluten Free
For: Apple, Android
Price: Free
Eat gluten-free no matter where you are. This app includes fast food and local restaurants ratings and reviews, and gluten-free menus. With Find Me Gluten Free, you will always find gluten-free friendly restaurants.

For: Apple, Android
Price: Free
Record all your diabetes-related data fast and easy with a couple of taps. This app tracks blood sugar, meals, insulin injections, medications and much more for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics. With DiabeticConnect, you will have your diabetes under control at all times.

For: Apple, Android
Price: Free
Manage your allergies before it’s too late. This app allows you to quickly find out information about any area you are in. With AroundMe, you can keep your allergies from possibly attacking you again.

Campus Tips:
Visit to learn more about the nutritional information for all on-campus dining locations. Websites to Check Out:

Prepared by Beth Castelli, TTU Graduate and Dietetic Intern
Hospitality Dietitian Mindy Diller, MS, RDN, LD 


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