Fall Foods


Fall is upon us, as leaves change, often so do our taste buds? I did a random search on the most popular fall foods and surprisingly, there were loads of healthy options from the produce department with some superfood labels this fall. Add some of the below super options to your day, weekends and occasional desserts for a perfect pairing to healthy lasagnas, root veggie dishes, corn breads, and soups.

Fall Seasonal Produce: 

Apples add some Fiber in your diet. Fiber from produce can trap bad cholesterol and help remove it from the body. New apple varieties have already started showing up. August- November

Brussel Sprouts add some needed vitamin K, folate and iron from these little bulb shaped veggies. September-March

Parsnips looks like white carrots with a sweet nutty taste and goes great with other roots and side dishes. These too are loaded in fiber and potassium. October-April

Pears in many colors red, green, and brown carry a vitamin C load and of course more fiber. They go nicely with goat cheese, spinach, and a sprinkle of nuts in a salad. August-February

Rutabaga this veg is popular in Sweden and packs a fiber punch along with additional vitamin C, look for this marbled pink and white produce soon. October-April

Cauliflower known nowadays for a low calorie substitute for rice and can even make a unique low carb crust for pizzas or turned into a mashed instead of traditional mashed potatoes. Again, loaded in vitamin C and known to aid in the prevention of cancer. September- June

Other highlighted foods this fall can add benefits to your day: Acorn and other squashes, cranberries, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, pineapple, Key limes, mushrooms and more.

One fall highlight is additional seasonal squashes. Did you know that winter squash varieties are considered a carbohydrate/starchy vegetable? When using these veggies, remember their calories can add up more than our summer squash/zucchini varieties.

A few favorite fall recipes are items with pumpkin. You can try pumpkin corn bread (I also toss in hatch chilies) and low carbohydrate lasagna made with zucchini and egg plants.

This lasagna is easy and veggie packed for a busy week night or a chilly weekend this fall!



Campus Tips: Adding in great seasonal color will help you load up on needed fiber that most of us are missing and added vitamin C. Try pumpkin options at Einstein Bros® Bagels, and Brussel sprouts on Carvery/Chefs Corner lines. Before you go, grab an apple in any dining location, look for red and green varieties. You can turn your apple into a light protein packed dessert with Greek yogurt as a fruit dip! Make a small apple nachos with low fat whip cream and sprinkled with dark chocolate, healthy nuts, coconut or marshmallows.

Websites to Check Out: Potato Cauliflower Soup; What’s in season this fall; Feel Good Food, Healthy Fall Recipes; Apple Nachos; Fruit Nacho 

Prepared by Hospitality Dietitian Mindy Diller, MS, RDN, LD   mindy.diller@ttu.edu 


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