Spring Break Road Trip


Maybe you have big plans for spring break or maybe you plan on working. What is your plan for being healthy on your vacation? Do you have one?

Smart Healthy Packing 101

  • Put exercise on the to-do list.
    • Hotel Gym, Beach Walks or Runs, Carry Exercise Bands and use YouTube for quick workouts ideas.
  • Pack a cooler with your own food and drinks when able
  • Pack an empty water bottle in your carry-on or suitcase.
  • Search out grocery stores near your travel routes or destination. Buying bottled water and quick grab snacks can reduce dehydration and meal skipping.
  • Take foods that do not need refrigeration
    • Seeds, Nuts, Fruit, Jerky, Protein Powders, Bars, Popcorn, Oatmeal
  • Eat fruits and vegetables whenever possible.
  • Skip the hotel buffet and order a healthy option off the menu.
  • Avoid over consumption of alcohol. Alcohol can increase dehydration. Keep this in mind in hot climates and beaches where there is limited bottled water.
  • Salty foods are often increased during vacation due to frequent dining out.
  • Choose a healthier meal on a rotation schedule. Most likely you are going to eat great fun food. Rotate your healthier options.
  • Have a healthier breakfast, eat what you want at lunch and then again at dinner, eat a sensible meal. Mix it up instead of going big at every restaurant.

Mindy’s Family Travel Tips

My family eats sandwiches and snacks in the car from popcorn, almonds to fresh grapes. We save dining out for when we really want something special on our road trips. We absolutely pack a cooler with waters, produce, and iced down chicken salad. We save money and do not get overly full on our drives. One thing is a must is we each get a small package of our favorite candy. I go for the hot tamales or fruit juice flavored gummy bears. This treat is a special occasion and it is an item low in fat but the package is small and it keeps me in line. When we stick to this plan, then we do not have the overpriced, over full, yucky feeling that goes with eating high fat and junk the entire trip.

Remember to enjoy your food when you have something out of the norm on your travels.

Drink plenty of water, stay safe and have fun!

CDC Common Travel Topics

Travel Survival

Travel Food Safety Tips

Hospitality Dietitian: Mindy Diller, MS, RDN, LD : mindy.diller@ttu.edu 



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