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conferencesHeading to big cities often means big food and may put you in a real nutritional pinch. Enjoy your travel but remember to be a little healthy too. When you hit the friendly skies, practice being choosy, packing snacks, exercising, healthy drinking and good digestion.

Be Choosy with these 3 Tips:

  • Buffets- Line Up with a Plan!

Before you run for the food lines, survey the buffet line before you jump in. We tend to grab what we see. This prepares you to be more selective. Load up on veggies and healthier options every chance you get!

  • Eating at an Expo/Conference?

You probably have unhealthy items lurking all around. Try to avoid grabbing every option/sample, be choosy. At continental breakfasts skip bacon and sausage, have low-fat protein like eggs, add in fruit and whole grains such as ½ a whole wheat bagel or muffin. Do wear comfortable shoes so walking is a priority. What can you do to plan for your next expo/conference?

  • Eating Out?

Ask for the healthier options. Save desserts for special dinners. Choose veggie loaded items from appetizers to entrees. Get as much produce whenever you can.

Pack Snacks

Pack items in luggage and carry-ons, to reduce hunger or over consumption. Snacks are as important as a toothbrush and deodorant. You might be on someone else’s clock and miss eating at your normal times. Pack a few healthy snacks/breakfast options. Here’s some go-tos such as individual packages of almonds, instant oatmeal, tuna pouches, instant coffee and stevia packets, empty water bottles (store easily broken snacks), protein powder/bars, individual nut butters, and dried/fresh fruit. Utilize local café’s by grabbing a fresh fruit cup and keep it on ice or in a mini fridge. I can eat every three hours with these options and not go completely overboard at dinner.

Exercising, Drinking, and Digestion

Exercise: You may be around food options that you are not typically eating; a great way to balance this is by exercising. Plan for workouts. Pack workout shoes and clothes or swim suits. If you know you will not hit the gym, pick a workout you can do in your room. Some hotels now have a yoga kit or exercise mat for your room. Try yoga, stretching and body weight exercises if you like these movements. I take my exercise bands and use workouts from YouTube on my smart phone. This gives me some time alone and a way to either start my day or decompress.

Drink water or take your fresh fruit and toss it in iced water for a different taste. Did you pack a water bottle? Use it! Many conferences can be filled with cocktail hours and agenda packed. Remember when consuming alcohol rotate with water to prevent dehydration, also true with coffee or caffeine overload. Load up on water before you go to events that offer tons of foods, you will want to try stuff, its part of the experience after all.

Digestive Travel Issues? Some folks deal with stomach issues and increased inflammation while flying due to changes in altitude, decreased oxygen and stress. Keep things on hand such as digestive enzymes for large meals, probiotics, and mint/chamomile teas for upset stomachs and do not miss your regular vitamins and supplements if you are in this habit.

Websites for Everyone:

Do Have FUN!

Hospitality Dietitian Mindy Diller, MS, RDN, LD 


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