“Smart” Choices Wellness Program


It is our goal at Hospitality Services to meet the dining needs of all students on campus. To take care of our growing Red Raider family we have also been growing our Smart Choices Wellness Program. The purpose of our Smart Choices Program is to support the dietary and nutritional needs of the students and staff at Texas Tech University. The program provides support for our students through ‘one-on-one’ nutritional coaching, online resources, and a Smart Choices dining location in the Student Union Building. Here are a few resources that YOU might find helpful and beneficial to your dining experience:

Smart Choices Resources:

  • “Smart” Wellness Program brochures at all registers and checkout locations.
    • These brochures include information regarding our Smart Choices Wellness Program, which strives to ensure healthy and nutritious food options are available throughout campus.
  • Smart Choices Website
    • ttu.edu provides menus with nutrition facts for food served at all Hospitality Services locations across campus. Laminated copies of these menus and nutrition facts are also available at every dining location on campus upon request. Throughout these menus, you will also see certain options highlighted in green indicating that they are a “Smarter Choice” lower in fat and packed with nutrients. Our website also provides tips, tools, and nutrition calculators to support your dining needs.
  • Smart Choices Blog
    • wordpress.com is home to our Smart Choices Blog. We post every Wednesday about a wide range of health and nutrition topics.
  • Nutritional Signs and TV’s
    • Throughout campus, you can find signs and televisions promoting healthy options in our dining locations, other tips, and new menu items to try.
  • Nutritional Videos
    • Our Smart Choices videos can be found on our website, ttu.edu, featuring our Hospitality Dietitian, Mindy Diller, and students just like yourself, sharing their knowledge about the Smart Choices program on campus.


Hospitality Services has a registered dietitian on staff. Our dietitian, Mindy Diller, is a valuable resource to assist you with establishing and meeting your dietary, lifestyle, nutritional, and religious dining needs. You can email, mindy.diller@ttu.edu, if you have special dietary needs requiring additional consideration.


If you’re interested in more “Quick Tips” from our Smart Choices Program take a look at our “Quick Guides”! These resources offer dining suggestions on campus for students with a variety of nutritional goals and needs:

 Remember! There are no “bad” foods, there are simply some foods that give us more essential nutrients than others.

As we transition into this new record-breaking enrollment year, we realize that campus is a busy environment for our dining locations, staff members and students. Our department is in constant conversation and planning to create an environment that supports our entire Red Raider family. We hope that you find some of these resources helpful and we can continue to provide new dining opportunities for all Red Raiders in the future.

Provided by: Katelyn Holston, Graduate Student, TTU Dietetic Intern

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